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Chauffeur Driven Rolls Royce Ghost Hire London

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Rolls Royce Ghost Hire London - Chauffeur Driven

The Rolls Royce Ghost Chauffeur car is a combination of brilliant effort, state art technology and grandeur design. Uncompromising in any aspect of its design, the Ghost combines true power with a stunning interior to create an experience you’ll never forget. The Rolls Royce Ghost car has been a symbol of luxury cars since its inception. Handcrafted interiors, platinum nuts and bolts, wood trim and leather upholstery are just a few examples of how Rolls Royce likes to go luxury when building its cars. The luxury car is supported by a V-12 engine, making it one of the most powerful sedans in the world. This is just proof that Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury and power.

When you hire a Rolls Royce Ghost in London with Luxelimo, you enjoy a level of excellence and unparalleled attention to detail that is difficult to find anywhere else.  Each thing is meticulously crafted and the professional handpicked chauffeur comes as an added benefit to it. Simply sit back in the back seat of our chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Ghost and appreciate the undisputed beauty of its interior. The amazing build quality, complete comfort and refined look make this car a pleasure for your journey around London.

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The Rolls Royce Ghost can accommodate 3 passengers and 2 large luggage.


Bottled mineral water in each of our vehicles.


We offer child/booster seats for kids travelling with you.


All of our vehicles come with an onboard Wifi facility.

With the combination of amazing design with the Long Wheel Base Rolls Royce Model, you can stretch your legs and relax with the extra leg space that’s available. This is what makes this Rolls-Royce Ghost car an exquisite chauffeur-driven car for travelling in London. The state art in-car entertainment system just adds to your entertainment.

Hire a Rolls-Royce Ghost chauffeur-driven car at Luxelimo and you are guaranteed to arrive in style. Technology, attention to the finest detail and sufficient space, makes the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the ‘most popular car in the world. From the luxurious interior to the huge wheels this car commands respect like no other.

Rolls Royce Ghost interior

Despite being smaller in size when compared to the Phantom, still provides a true luxury experience. With its powerful engine, it delivers an impressive 563 horsepower yet the rear side of the car remains noiseless. The interior is quite spacious with enough legroom to stretch your legs and relax. The panoramic sunroofs offer excellent light inside and the soft closure doors give extra smooth service. Our luxury Rolls Royce Ghost is well-suited for executive business trips and events that can accommodate up to 3 passengers in complete comfort and luxury. Daily newspapers, bottled water and tissues come as an added benefit when you hire a Rolls Royce Ghost at Luxelimo.

Rolls Royce Ghost Features

  • Sanitized Cars
  • Elite Class Interior
  • Extended Wheelbase
  • Amazing Audio System
  • Luxury Leather Seats With Massager
  • LED lighting
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Rear Coach Door
  • Child Seat Availability
  • Water Bottled
  • On-Board Wi-Fi Facility
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • State-of-the-art entertainment system

Rolls Royce Ghost Hire In London For VIPs


Our Rolls-Royce Ghost hire is a luxury car rental service that provides clients with access to one of the most iconic and exclusive vehicles in the world. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a high-end luxury sedan that is renowned for its timeless design, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exceptional performance.

When you book our Rolls-Royce Ghost hire, you can expect a premium level of service, including a professional driver who is experienced in handling the vehicle and providing a VIP-level of service. The car is equipped with advanced safety features and the latest technology, including climate control, advanced entertainment systems, and other amenities to ensure that your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our Rolls-Royce Ghost hire is a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury car rental for special events, business travel, or simply to experience the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. The car features a powerful engine, advanced technology, and a luxurious interior that is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Rolls-Royce Ghost hire services are available for a range of events, including weddings, corporate events, airport transfers, and other special occasions. They offer a level of luxury and prestige that is unmatched by other rental services, and provide a unique and memorable experience for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and sophistication.

Rolls Royce Chauffeur Car For Special Occasions

Hiring a Rolls-Royce Ghost car is not very expensive with Luxelimo, it is certainly not cheap either. But our flexible plans and attention to your needs make it competitive and quite affordable. For a special birthday surprise, sports events, an important evening, an unforgettable anniversary day or a luxurious marriage, hire this car for a grand entrance. Request a quick quote today!

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Our high-quality service combines comfort and safety.

Luxury and comfort don’t often go hand in hand. But why settle for one when at Luxelimo, you can have both in our luxury chauffeur-driven car!

Our experienced, licensed and trained chauffeurs strive to provide you with the best travelling experience that you’ll never forget.

We keep the best models of luxury cars in our fleet and ensure that they are well-maintained and in the best condition to ensure a safe transfer.

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