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Benefits of Private Jet Hire

Not too long ago, flying a private jet was largely reserved for a select few. Today, private air travel is becoming more and more accessible, with many flights and private jets available for hire and at very affordable prices. Wondering what private jet offers? 

What does a private jet chauffeur service offer?

Private Jet Chauffeurs offer more than luxury flights. Passengers also enjoy check-in and personal passport control, can be delivered directly to the plane and can choose from different airports around the world to arrive at. While these extras add to the first-class experience, it’s the complete and pure luxury of having the plane to yourself that’s the most enjoyable experience. Luxelimo has access to great flights for all occasions, whether it is a short flight in Europe as a couple or a long flight with family and friends, we have the right flight. We can offer luxury cars for those seeking the ultimate in luxury. All our cars are the latest models, with qualified and established chauffeurs. You can be sure of the highest level of service and peace of mind, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy the experience. 

Benefits of Private Jet Hire

1. Land near your destination 

If you fly in a private jet, you have to decide on the point of departure and arrival. If you live near a small private airport, you can fly from there and avoid the traffic in this busy area. And after you leave, the private jet service allows you to check in at all the airports closest to your destination. This way, you spend more time at your destination and lose less time at traffic stops.

2. There is no long intermediate stop 

Don’t limit yourself to the flight schedule. Need to switch from a meeting in London? A private jet will pick you up right away. This means no more overnight stays at the airport or hours of waiting between flights. But if you’re sitting, you won’t be running at the airport. This time the plane is waiting for you. 

3. Your pet can fly with you 

Taking your pet with you on a long flight can be stressful for both you and your pet. Not all commercial airlines allow pets or charge a premium for them. On a private plane, your pet can sit next to you and enjoy the same comfort as you. 

4. Take off whenever you want 

private jet chauffeur

Air traffic follows a fixed flight schedule, which may change due to external conditions. The most common cause of flight delays is not good weather. If you are travelling privately, choose the departure time that works for you. 

5. The entire flight is just for you and your guests 

Imagine that on your next flight, only the passengers you invited will be travelling with you. On a private jet, you can hold private meetings, work non-stop, or hang out with friends and family.

6. Lounge and private balcony 

No matter how nice your first-class cabin is, the only way to get there is to endure the chaos and long lines at the airport. But if you hire a private jet from a flight service, you can have your driver take you directly to the runway. Some private terminals offer comfortable lounges where you can relax while waiting for your friends to arrive.

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