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Busting Chauffeur Service Myths And Misconception - Luxelimo


Heard a lot of chauffeur service myths and misconceptions? If you think about chauffeur driven cars, your mind immediately co-relates it with the things of VIPs and special occasions. But it’s not the situation, you can hire a chauffeur service whenever and wherever you want and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. In this blog we will be busting chauffeur service myths and misconceptions.

In short, there is a false belief that chauffeur service is only for the famous or for the celebrities for a red carpet walk. According to us, everyone should try chauffeur service at least once in their lives to experience luxury and lavish life. But unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions about chauffeur services, and some of these have led to consumers believing that chauffeur services aren’t for them. We believe everyone has a time and place to ride in a chauffeur-driven car, so let’s bust some prevalent myths related to chauffeur service.

Some common chauffeur service myths we want to bust about luxury chauffeur service in the capital:

1. It’s very expensive

There are numerous ways to travel around. This includes simply walking, hiring public transport or opting for the luxurious black car service also known as chauffeur service. We can choose any of these ways to decide to reach the city. But most people think that it’s way more expensive. But when you break it down, you will find that the chauffeur services are significantly less expensive than you might imagine. Like most chauffeur service providers, Luxelimo offers two payment options: hourly and one-time trips. Both options are based on your location and time, ensuring that you receive your money’s worth.

2. It is not accessible by private users

Perhaps it is also one of the most common chauffeur service myth that chauffeur cars are only available for companies or organizations with permanent guests to be taken at meetings and airports. Surely this is not the case, and it might be possible that it’s not that quickly accessible by private users, but you can find a set of local options by searching on Google similar to other shopping options. There are corporate car hire as well as an option for individual hires too.

chauffeur service

3. It is not for regular travels or short trips

The chauffeur services are not necessary for everyday travel and can be used for special occasions. But this is definitely not completely true. There is no bar on the length or the type of journey you’re expected to make. Whether it is about the city tour or shopping with friends, the chauffeur is happy to take you anywhere to your choice, even if it is literally 10 minutes ride or an intercity ride.

4. It is not as safe as to take a taxi

Yes, you read it right. There is also this common misconception that chauffeur cars are not as safe as taxis. But in reality, we believe that this is actually safer than any means of transport. With a chauffeur-driven car, you get a pre-arranged car with a professional chauffeur who is experienced and well-versed in the local areas. They strive to deliver the smoothest possible ride and know the safest ways to take it. They will use the latest GPS technology to prevent traffic problems and to make the journey by relaxing.

5. Chauffeurs are reserved for VIPs only

The Chauffeur car has been an iconic symbol for the rich and VIPs for a long time; it’s what the president and royal people ride in. So, this is another chauffeur service myth that many people think that chauffeurs are often for celebrities to walk the red carpet and as seen in the movies and told in media.

The truth is that despite being popular among the rich and VIPs, anyone – whether individual or executive, even your children can enjoy a chauffeur-driven ride. Sometimes the average person just wants to celebrate a special occasion or a glamorous night out – Luxelimo is always at your service!

Regardless of whatever your needs are, Contact Luxelimo today and find out how easy and affordable these luxury chauffeur services can be and turn it into a real-life experience!

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