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How to choose the Best Chauffeur Service - Luxelimo

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More and more people nowadays are using ground transportation services in London and other major cities around the world, whether for business or pleasure. With a good and reliable chauffeur service, you can save your money as well as your time and reduce stress on your journey. You can also create a good impression in front of your business colleagues and clients. Here are some tips to help you choose the most professional chauffeur service for your transportation needs.

Tips for Choosing Professional Chauffeur Service

Here are some tips to choose the best chauffeur service. Have a look:

1. Checking the appearance of the chauffeur

Make sure your driver is well-dressed, presentable and clean. Go for the driver who is disciplined and cares for your needs. Such chauffeurs come with their maintained vehicles. You can expect a safe and fun trip in the car with a professional driver. Also ensure that the professional driver has sufficient knowledge of local areas.

2. Check for the safety aspect

Find out if the driver is certified, licensed, trained and has practical knowledge of road traffic and do their utmost to provide passengers with privacy and security. Your chauffeur can make your rides comfortable during business trips or leisure trips as they follow strict itenary and are always punctual.

3. Learn about their experiences and expertise 

You don’t want any newcomer to be your driver. So, it’s very essential to look for how long your chauffeur has been driving on the roads. More than 5 years of experience in the chauffeur industry can guarantee you safety. You can also ensure that your chauffeur is disciplined and courteous. 

4. Check the knowledge

Enquire more about the chauffeur who will be driving you to the destination. Also ask about any alternative route that he might take during traffic jams etc. This will give you an idea of his local area knowledge.

5. Check website reviews and customers

If you select a chauffeur service, check their website for their service information and also for the customer reviews. Also check if the site has an SSL (security) certificate to keep your data secure. Also get confirmed and gain information on the booking process, payment and refund process. Don’t forget to check the reviews and testimonials from past customers from other sources. And make sure that the reviews are from a trusted and reputable source like Trust pilot, TripAdvisor and Google so you can be sure that they are a real past customer.

6. Price transparency

One of the biggest challenges faced during these times is price transparency. When booking a chauffeur service it is better to quickly find the right price in your budget, but you don’t always have to look for the discounts. The less price does not guarantee quality and sometimes you get what you pay for. It should provide a transparent and inclusive price without any hidden costs. 

7. Online booking and payment system 

When it comes to online booking, it’s best to book a chauffeur service through our cloud system. Via cloud system, all the parties like controllers, chauffeurs and customers have access to all information with reduces the chances of error. Online bookings can easily be booked and confirmed over the phone. Companies must give their customers access to a variety of approval and personalized dashboards. It allows customers to confirm, change and cancel their reservations. Customers should be able to pick up and print invoices along the way and make secure online payments through a trusted provider. The use of online booking systems adds a layer of protection that is very important when dealing with highly profiled clients.

8. See fleet

Drivers around the world use different luxury cars depending on the location. You can find cars from German manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. At Luxelimo, we offer 3 groups of cars according to size and price. These groups are first class (Mercedes S class), business class (Mercedes E class) and MPVs (Mercedes V class).

You can choose as per your requirements. Choosing a good and premium chauffeur services is not an easy task and we want to make sure there is no place for a mistake. Our customers often have high expectations and that is why we try to provide them with the best possible experience. If you are still not sure what service or vehicle is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to chatting with you and discuss our services in detail. Our London chauffeurs are second to none when it comes to luxury chauffeuring.

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