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Luxury Car Hire - 5 Reasons To Hire Luxury Car Post Pandemic


After a long quarantine throughout the world, everything is now gradually returning to normal. That’s why all the businesses are reopening and are fueling up back to normal. With the reopening of economies, people are resuming their work-related projects. If you are planning to go out and go to a business meeting, there is a concern. The fear of transmission while travelling is still very real. This makes it important to ensure that your commute is safe. In such a scenario, you should consider booking luxury car hire from a reputed chauffeur firm that takes safety very seriously.

Here are five reasons why you should consider booking a luxury car hire

luxury chauffeur car

1. This Is Exclusively For You

One of the greatest advantages of a luxury car is the element of exclusivity. This is because very few can afford to ride in luxury cars like Mercedes, so you won’t be riding in the car that is used by many. Luxury car hire is a niche segment, meaning that every time you rent a car, it is rented exclusively for you. And all of the cars will be no older than 3 years. There is no carpooling, it is an absolute premium service designed with your safety in mind. A good level of privacy is also taken into consideration. 

2. Cleanliness is the New Luxury

After the pandemic and in future, health and cleanliness will be the first place in everyone’s mind. These two factors will drive all car hiring behaviour. When you book a luxury car hire with Luxelimo, the car is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected. The chauffeur will be wearing a uniform and his temperature is checked regularly. There are sanitisers and masks for customers and drivers. At Luxelimo, cleanliness is very important and your safety is our top priority.

3. Embark on a luxury weekend vacation

We are now allowed to move after a long time, so we just want to go out and stay in another environment. Travelling between cities is legal in many countries, so you can even plan a road trip or intercity rides. Hire a Mercedes E Class, V Class or S Class for a luxury holiday trip!

4. Summer Weddings after COVID-19

Restrictions were imposed on weddings too but these are eased now! Many summer weddings are planned for this season. With the lifting of the restrictions, many marriages could be conducted with friends, family and other wedding guests. If someone in your family is planning a wedding, consider a luxury car rental. This ensures the safety of the guests and thus makes the whole event more comfortable. 

5. Luxury Car Rental For Businesses

chauffeur driven cars
Back seats of a Mercedes luxury car with seat belts

London is a business hub and many companies conduct meetings and field visits here. While running the organization is mandatory, employees may be reluctant to leave the organization. But if they can use the luxury car rental services when going to employee meetings, it will boost employee morale. It also improves their productivity. Cleanliness is maintained in all our luxury car rentals so you’ve have nothing to worry about. You can book a fleet by choosing Luxelimo’s Corporate Packages for executive car hire.


Now that the businesses are reopening, we can work together to revitalize the economy. In such times, choose a luxury car hire from a reputed chauffeur service provider as the mode of transportation so that your safety can be taken care of. Rent a luxury car from Luxelimo for an exclusive and hassle-free experience.

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