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Public Transportation Vs Chauffeur Driven Car Rental - Luxelimo

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Wondering why VIPs prefer hiring a chauffeur service in London for travelling! It is because it’s the safest way to transport people from one point to another. But at the same time, most people prefer using public transportation for several reasons. Here is a comparison between public transportation and chauffeur driven car rental.

Using Public Transportation

Sometimes we cannot afford much and tend to use public transportation. Using buses and trains is relatively cheap and runs 7 days a week. There are several useful and practical features that make using public transport an excellent travel choice for airport transfers.

Benefits of Hiring Public Transportation

The first advantage of using public transportation is that it is very cheap and reasonably priced. And if the child is accompanied by an adult, the first ticket costs even less. Compared to other private car booking services, it is relatively cheap. The second advantage of using public transport is that tickets can be easily purchased online. Passengers have the opportunity to print the ticket and view it at the time of departure, or simply show with their smartphone that the ticket is open.

You can buy a one-way train/bus ticket or a return ticket. A one-way ticket can be used to travel in any direction, see from the airport to the city terminal or vice versa. Moreover, public transportation is cheaper means of transportation than private luxury car rentals and is okay for point to point transfers.

Some disadvantages of hiring public transport

Passengers must keep in mind that some buses, trains and other public vehicle malfunctions. However, these “disadvantages” do not reflect any kind of inadequacy or incompetence in the quality of services. Instead, these are just a few items related to public bus transport in general and are only mentioned as part of a comparison of private car and public transport services. However public transport does not provide door-to-door service. But there are only designated stops and places where passengers are dropped off and picked up. Changing too many public transports is really a hassle.

Similarly, unlike privately rented cars, passengers cannot determine the departure time or the type of stop/turn possible during the trip. There are specific times and timetables that passengers must follow in order to use public transport.

Chauffeur Driven Car Rental – Luxury Car Hire With Chauffeur

For passengers who do not travel by public transport, luxury chauffeur services are a good alternative. Luxelimo is a VIP Chauffeur service provider operating in London, UK. Luxelimo is a company that provides customers with luxury car hire with chauffeurs. Hiring Chauffeur services with VIP Chauffeurs London from Luxelimo has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Advantages of chauffeur driven luxury car hire

The first advantage of hiring VIP Chauffeurs in London is that passengers can choose their pick-up and drop-off points. Unlike buses and trains, you don’t have to be in one place to get on. When booking, you can specify the desired pick-up location and time.

Private chauffeur cars also give you a much higher level of privacy and solitude compared to public transport. If you don’t like travelling with many people or groups of people, you can opt for chauffeur-driven cars to ensure comfortable privacy.

However, chauffeur-driven services can be very expensive or mildly expensive compared to public transport. Bus service can cost you 15 GBP while a privately rented car with a driver is more expensive for you. But it’s up to you to choose which option fits better for you: chauffeur driven cars or public buses.

Pubic transport and chauffeur-driven cars are decent travel options for airport transfers. However, there are several situations where public transport is the best choice, and there are other situations where chauffeur driven cars are the best way. For solo passengers and people who cannot afford to spend on a privately rented car, it is better to use buses, trains or other public transport. However, if you want to travel with a large family or with a foreign guest on a business trip, then a chauffeur-driven car is the best choice. Also people have some misconceptions and myths regarding chauffeur service that it might be very expensive that’s why they fear booking it. But whatever the occasion is, you can book luxury cars at reasonable rate at Luxelimo.

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